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ALHem – Safer chemicals alternative is a non governmental organization that aims are to promote sustainable development, especially the safe management of chemicals. The Organization is based in Belgrade and was founded by professionals with years of experience in the field of chemicals management.

ALHem began its work in April 2013 and the first financial assistance for their activities received in late November 2013 from The Fund of the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

The main task of ALHem is to provide knowledge to the industry and legal entities that are placing chemicals or products that contain them on market and are responsible for the safe management of chemicals. ALHem aims to, on base of proven scientific information and the latest technical knowledge, influence the authorities to adopt and implement policies that will result that our children live in areas not toxic or hazardous to their health.

Given the long experience of our members, we want to unite knowledge and power of decision-makers, researchers and industry representatives in order to achieve sound chemicals management policy and have visible results in improvement of quality/safety of our environment.

ALHem brings the experience of European and international non-governmental organizations in the effort for safe management of chemicals, and the struggle for the protection of life and health. ALHem follows the principles and strategies of global policy in this area, and Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management – SAICM.

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