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ALHem is a non-profit organization that brings together experts in the field of safe chemicals management.

ALHem conducts activities that affect:

    • The economy
    • Other non-governmental organizations (such as consumer associations)
    • Citizens and
    • State authorities

to ensure the safe management of chemicals on the Serbian market. ALHem act by using scientifically proven knowledge of the hazards of chemicals and the latest proven information for safe chemicals management.

ALHem provides the knowledge to companies, distributors and consumers on most dangerous chemicals, which products contain them, how business entities can replaced the most hazardous chemicals and how conscious consumers can avoid them in their daily lives.

ALHem advocate that:

Economy in Serbia has to work on safer alternatives: it affects the health of all of us and business entities can make a profit as the markets of safer alternatives are increasingly sought.

The State authority in charge of safe management of chemicals need to:

      • Enforce regulations effectively
      • Timely updates the regulations in accordance with the changes that have occurred in the EU and that all changes and amendments to regulations published on its website
      • Promote safer alternative
      • Conducted adequate inspections
      • Provide on its website the data from the Integrated Registry of chemicals, e.g. what dangerous substances are placed on Serbian market, in what quantities and for what uses, etc.
      • Develops criteria for safer chemicals and products containing them and advocate for their inclusion in public procurement at all levels

Other responsible state authorities to take into account the content of chemicals in equipment/articles for kindergartens and to prescribe conditions in order to assure safer chemicals in equipment for children playgrounds.

Consumer associations and other non-governmental organizations are gaining adequate knowledge of safe management of chemicals in order to organize joint action.

Citizens are gaining awareness of how they can make decisions to live in a safer environment.

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